About us

The Institute of Wood Engineering at the University of Sopron is the only institute of wood engineering in the Hungarian higher education. Besides the BSc and MSc programs in timber industry engineering in both Hungarian and English languages, our colleagues also take an enormous part in the BSc and MSc programs in mechatronic engineering and other technical trainings at our university.

 The institute was established in 1959 under the name of Department of Wood Engineering and was conducted by Dr. Dénes Szabó (1959-1979) within the Faculty of Forestry. The Faculty of Wood Sciences was established in 1962 as a result of an active cooperation of the colleagues of our department. The first dean of the faculty was Professor Dénes Szabó, the leader of our department.

 During the last period, our institute has achieved serious results in research, especially in the theory of wood material cutting or research in energetics, focusing on the pressure relation of producing wood pellet.

 Besides issuing our research results in different professional journals, our major results have been published in a series of reports in English language titled 'Progress Report'.

 In addition to publishing a vast amount of scientific literature and academic monographs in Hungarian, our colleagues also took a significant part in issuing several professional books in English.

 We are extremely proud, that the leaders of our institute, Professor Miklós Láng (1969-2007) was the vice-rector of our university, and Professor László Boronkai was the dean of our faculty. Academician Professor György Sitkei not only laid the foundations for the theory of wood cutting, but still plays a huge role in the research work of the institute.

 Our industrial services fullfill the needs of the wood industry, as well, including precision testing of shaping machines, wood energetics expertise, occupational safety consulting and application of Industry 4.0 solutions in wood industry.